‘Nunc Dimittis’ By: Hanson/Roessler

‘Nunc Dimittis’

Shot on location in Budapest, the music video for ‘Nunc Dimittis’ is a mournful portrait of a place being left for the last time. By focusing on things and scenes through the eyes of a character we never see, a story of good-byes unfolds as details are captured representative of this person trying to create one last visual inventory of memories. Weather stained sculptures, beautiful gothic architecture, and mundane things such as a lonely pigeon on a ledge, become narrative excerpts against the stunning backdrop of Budapest.

Composed by Nathan Hanson
(Hansonic Publishing ASCAP)

from the album “One Everything” by Hanson/Roessler
©2017, Hanson Roessler
Filmed, edited and directed by: Talissa Mehringer